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  • Medical staff

    Dr Carlo Pastore, medical - surgeon, a specialist in medical oncology and perfected in hyperthermia cancer clinic in 2001. Graduated in medicine and surgery with a score of 110/110 with honors from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" experimental...

  • Bibliography

    cancer after surgery. Med Oncol. 2001;18(3):237-8. No abstract available. PMID: 11917949 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Pastore C, Franchi F, Izzo P, Calió E Medline Favorable toxicity profile of raltitrexed in elderly patients treated for colorectal...

  • Our Mission

    against this terrible disease, we strive to be the small piece that seeks to complete the mosaic of care. Dr. Carlo Pastore, oncologist

  • Neoadjuvant Hyperthermia

    with chemotherapy or radiotherapy before surgery, can indeed contribute noticeably to the tumor mass reduction. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Oncological Hyperthermia a novel approach in cancer cure

    Hyperthermia in cancer therapy Hyperthermia is a useful technique for therapy on solid tumors, based on a radiofrequency of 13,56 MHz, applied to generate heat deep with tissues. Heat has always been object of study on the part of the medical science...

  • Hyperthermia: the state of the art

    other methods of therapy and to find the best pharmacological interactions that work best with each kind of tum Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Chromogranin A

    Parkinson's disease, prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors (such as omeprazole and derivatives) and pregnancy. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Peritoneal carcinosis and hyperthermia

    same perspective of a multimodal approach to the treatment of tumors, which I will always continue to endorse. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • The relationship with the doctor

    the health of the same doctor, in the broadest sense, which coincides with what the patient can receive from him. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • The small cell lung cancer

    compression and pain. Obviously, the effect will be greater in combination with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Liver metastases

    quality of life, if not greatly increase their life expectancy thanks to the wide choice in available treatments. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Peritoneal carcinosis: role of hyperthermia

    finds in this condition its optimal field of application, through different methods and with good efficacy. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Port-a-cath (CVC)

    may allow the device to keep working for a virtually unlimited time. The removal is possible at any time. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Hyperthermia: my experience

    is much to be done to refine the methods and optimize their combinations, but I think we're on the right path. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Melanoma

    to combine hyperthermia and/or radiotherapy, in order to maximize the synergetic effect of the treatments. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Hyperthermia: how to open a therapeutic Center ?

    to be a consultant for any new Hyperthermia Center and to help you find hyperthermia equipment you may need. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Together for medicine

    which will find their rightful place in the "scientific contributions" section of this site. Thank you all. Dr. Carlo Pastore

  • Faq

    In what types of malignancies is shown hyperthermia? Any solid tumor in each district body When there is no possibility to run applications of hyperthermia? If there is the presence of pleural effusion or ascites Is it an invasive procedure? No, the...

  • Hyperthermia Center

    Center for Oncological Hyperthermia . Dr. Carlo Pastore Oncologist. Center for hyperthermic cancer therapy in Rome

  • Hyperthermia Italy medical center

    Hyperthermia Italy, Dott. Carlo Pastore operates in Villa Salaria Clinic in Rome, Via Filippo Antonio Gualterio 127 It is possible to contact our center at this number: +393319584817 or by mail at this address: info@ipertermiaitalia.it


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