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Frequently Asked Questions

In what types of malignancies is shown hyperthermia?
Any solid tumor in each district body

When there is no possibility to run applications of hyperthermia?
If there is the presence of pleural effusion or ascites

Is it an invasive procedure?
No, the heat is delivered through in-depth probe on the skin of the patient at the patient body

There are side effects worthy of note?
No, the procedure is harmless

Interferes with other treatments?
No, indeed synergize the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

How long does an application?
An hour

How many sessions have to be done?
It is 10 sessions, repeated over time

There are scientific evidences that demonstrate the validity of therapy?
Certainly, new studies are still going to have more efficacy data

How does the treatment against the tumor?
Cancer cells are less equipped to normal, having aberrant cell membranes, to resist heat and therefore are pushed into apoptosis (programmed cell death). Furthermore, the increased flow of blood caused by local vasodilation, which occurs during therapy, ease the distribution of chemotherapy. Not least the local immune system is stimulated and the cells already damaged by a possible treatment in radiotherapy are pushed more quickly to death.

After the treatment I have to stay away from other people?
Absolutely not

The local heating does not cause burns?
The machine is equipped with suitable probes chilled not to heat the surface but deep. Moreover, the presence of the operator can adjust the intensity of radio frequency and therefore the heat

I was diagnosed with non-small lung cancer cells. Immediately seek hyperthermia?
Depends. The role of hyperthermia in these cases is reserved for the neoadjuvant therapy (ie prior to surgery to decrease the size of the mass, in combination with chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy) and the treatment of metastatic lesions. Prince's role in treating non-small cell lung cancer with surgery if it can be practiced.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Whom should I contact?
The size of the tumor and its local extension indicate whether or not to run a neoadjuvant treatment. The reduction of the mass before operation can be very useful later in the history of the disease. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the mainstay treatment for metastatic breast cancer not. Hyperthermia therapy is indicated in the neoadjuvant (before surgery) and in cases where the disease has given rise to metastasis.

I have a tumor of the liver with many nodules. Hyperthermia is shown?
Certainly. Alone or as adjuvant to other therapies if they are viable.

I have a cancer of the colon. Whom should I contact?
Firstly the surgeon to remove. Then the doctor will consider adjuvant chemotherapy. Hyperthermia is reserved for cases with metastatic involvement of the peritoneum.

I have a cancer of the rectum. What to do?
Consider a combination chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hyperthermia before surgery. By reducing the mass of the surgery is easier and less burdened by local recurrence. Then you can evaluate a systemic chemotherapy. Hyperthermia on metastatic sites.