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Hyperthermia: the state of the art

 foto di provetteOncological hyperthermia is going through a second youth.

Since the first experiments back in the '80s, many are the improvements apported to the method of this kind of treatment .

Not only in the comprehension of the working mechanisms of hyperthermia and of its efficacy in the interaction with the diseased cellular environment, but also the realization of equipment more suitable to the patient's treatment.

The adjustable deep heat generated by the radio frequency, allows the treatment of a wide range of neoplasies; in fact Hyperthermia can aid in the treatment of all solid tumors, and those ematological diseases when in presence of a lymphnodal conglobated mass.

Recent studies are aimed at verifying the cells' response to the heat and the preliminary results seem to be quite satisfactory.

The method is recognized on a national level and it has wide international credibility. The research is actively trying to improve the combination of hyperthermia with other methods of therapy and to find the best pharmacological interactions that work best with each kind of tum

Dr. Carlo Pastore